some background.



i'm a new york city-based photographer who started out taking pictures of his transformers and star wars figures with a Kodak disc camera in the 80s.

i've been lucky enough to grow up and take pictures of real-life folks with less...shall we say..."80s-tastic" cameras.


over the past ten years, i've been taking head shots for performers of all kinds, all over the country, and fillin' portfolios for the development arm of modeling agencies such as dna, red, trans models nyc, boss, and others.

i have a space to shoot in, located in queens. i also have 2 (suuuper-friendly) dogs, who have no problem hanging out in the bedroom during your shoot, should your allergies dictate!

know what you want? let me know. don't know what you want? let me know. we'll work together to get the images you need, be they for an audition or for the mantle above gran-gran's fireplace. my first concern is making you happy, not fulfilling some wispy, artsy-fartsy higher calling of photographic doo-daddery.

please feel free to reach out through the contact page and let me know what you need. i'm always excited to meet new people and try new things!

the nitty-gritty.


i currently offer two different shoot packages.

package one:

1/2 hour


2 looks

2 retouches of your choice

package two:

2 hours


as many looks as you got

all hi-res unedited pics emailed to you

3 retouches of your choice

day rates available for corporate shoots!


let me know what you need, or if you have any other questions!